Nature shaped by the centuries

The cultivation of the vine finds a favorable place in the soft hills to the south and east of Montilla, under a hot, dry climate, with 3,000 hours of annual sunshine.


The vines take root in the albariza: a limestone soil, very permeable and not very productive, which allows a long and balanced ripening.


Friend of the heat and rich in sugars:
the Pedro Ximénez grape

Delicate and fresh, the Pedro Ximénez variety shows a complete affinity with the landscape. Rich in sugars, it offers fine dry wines of 15 degrees of natural alcohol and sweet wines of harmonious depth.

Next to it, there is space for minority varieties that we call 'vidueños' and that star in the production of some young wines: airén, torrontés, muscatel and baladí-verdejo.



When the grapes are painted gold and bronze it is time to harvest


The youth in the jars

The fermentation of the wine of the year culminates in the traditional cement jars. It will be bottled as a young white or it will go into oak casks to be a fortified wine. Its qualities and our experience decide.

The uniqueness of fermentation

Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and, once the tumultuous process is over, it culminates in the traditional jars, which facilitate the decanting, cleaning, selection and final classification of the new wine.

The magic
of the velo de flor

During winemaking, a layer of yeast forms on the surface of the wines. It is the flower veil “velo de flor”, responsible for the natural process known as biological aging. The “flor” gives finos and amontillados a genuine style and character.


and solera

The fortified and sweet wines, brandies and vinegars are made by the traditional system of criaderas and solera, the great contribution of Andalusian oenology to world wine culture.


From the sunny vineyards to the semi-darkness of the traditional wineries. A path of nature, knowledge and time in the heart of Montilla-Moriles.


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