From the vineyard and the wineries to the winemakingand aging, a permanent requirement: Quality. 

All processes and resources go through strict traceability and quality controls. 

It is not something new. Since 1905, the knowledge and experience of our winemakers and foremen is crucial in aging. The mastery of the winery work is key to obtaining those great jewels that are the traditional wines of Andalusia.

Our Integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System is endorsed by the IFS Food certification (at the highest level).


Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy

Environmental Performance Document

Many of our products have the Seal of Certified Quality from the Junta de Andalucía.


Pérez Barquero has been recognized with the Innovative SME Seal granted by the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness under the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. This distinction shows that R + D + i is also possible in the wine sector.

Wine is a product of our land that has been part of Mediterranean life, culture and food since time immemorial. Winemaking is a timeless art and a science that has evolved and perfected, in Pérez Barquero, for more than a century of history. Today more than ever, in the 21st century, business competition is no longer based on cost or productive efficiency but on differentiation. Aware of the importance of innovation - in the products it offers, in the production process and in its own organization - Pérez Barquero has several R&D Projects in operation, approved by CDTI.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness has created the public Registry of innovative SMEs in order to value them, promote their identification and help in the subsequent formulation of specific policies for them.

The seal that distinguishes Pérez Barquero as an INNOVATIVE SME is now incorporated into the brand image of the Winery.

Aware of the importance of innovation - in the products it offers, in the production process and in its own organization - Pérez Barquero has been developing various R&D Projects in collaboration with CDTI for years:

  1. Project 1: 2013 - 2014. Chromatic flavored alcoholic beverages, based on the ionization of anthocyanins by acid-base change.
  2. Project 2: 2015 - 2017. VICI: Wine and citrus bases with superposition of solidified reticular systems of non-Newtonian polymers in "shot drink" format.
  3. Project 3: 2018 - 2020. PXBUBBLE: New sparkling wines and low alcohol content drinks from Pedro Ximénez grapes and the selection of native yeasts.
  4. Project 4: 2020 - 2022. Mechanisms that allow maintaining the veil of flower on biological aging to face the adverse effects of climate change.




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