1905 Pedro Ximénez...
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The maximum complexity. But also the brightness, the magic, the taste of truth. Our sweet wine that culminates everything.
The passage of more than a century and that monument to the traditional know-how that is the criaderas and soleras system reaches its highest level of expression in the indescribable smoothness of a wine that is an indescribable treasure. As Luis Gutiérrez writes in the Parker guide, it is a dessert on its own.


96 Peñín points
99 Parker points


“Nothing short of spectacular. Black, opaque, dense and thick as (used) motor oil, it just tints the glass and sticks to its sides with brown chocolate-colored tears and a complex nose full of spices (clove, nutmeg), tobacco, balsamic aromas (old furniture, incense, wet ebony wood) and a core of bitter Belgian chocolate from the best chocolatiers you can think of (and I can think of Pierre Marcolini!). There is something reminiscent of the old traditional acetos from Módena, from that long aging in wood (it's around 80/90 years of average age) with a dense palate that is not that sweet after all, and even has a savory (cracked peppercorns), tasty component that makes it very complete – a dessert on its own. It has balance within its powerful and concentrated style, which is the key to greatness here. You would never guess the 525 grams of sugar it has; the acidity is also concentrated, reaching the 6.13 grams (measured in tartaric acid). This will keep forever, even when you crack the bottle open”.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

A wonderful character, polished decade after decade


 ALCOHOL 15% Vol.

VARIETY 100% Pedro Ximénez

SERVE AT 14-18 ºC, in a glass of wine

IDEAL WITH Desserts, foie gras, blue cheeses. Simply perfect as a single glass.


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