1905 Oloroso
Monument to concentration

Patient and deep, concentrated and monumental. Its mahogany splendor, its depth where the life of white spices, noble woods, and captivating fragrances beats. And on the palate: a fortunate harmony of silky smoothness and austere, authentic containment.
Although it is a perfect wine to drink alone - a calm pleasure with a deep-rooted culture - it is wonderful accompanying stews and recipes such as the quintessential Cordovan stew, the oxtail.


97 Parker points

It has an expressive nose of noble woods, roasted hazelnuts, incense and balsam, rusty nails, even some savory notes and some Sherry brandy. It mantains 11.5 grams of residual sugar, I guess from pure concentration and evaporation because of its old age. In any case, the palate is balanced and you do not feel any sweetness at all, but maybe that little sugar is the secret why it feels gentle rather than harsh”.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

That softness that lives inside the energy


 ALCOHOL 21,5% Vol.

VARIETY 100% Pedro Ximénez

SERVE AT 15-18 ºC. Allways in a glass of wine

IDEAL WITH Meat stews: hare à la royale, wild boar huntress, oxtail ... Fruit-based desserts.


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