"Since its foundation, in 1905, Pérez Barquero has taken good care of all the tasks involved in the magical creation of wine..."

Recognised with the most prestigious awards and honours in the wine trade, and crowned with 100 Parker points for its 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional, the group of wineries produces wines of the highest quality among the Andalusian classics —finos, amontillados, palos cortados, olorosos and sweet Pedro Ximénez— as well as young and fresh wines, such as the fruity white Viñaverde (“Floral and Refreshing”), Viña Amalia and Verdejo Finca La Cañada (“Born and produced in the albariza soils of Sierra de Montilla”).

New releases include Vermouth Barquero and Vino de Tinaja Fresquito as well as two aged Fino En Rama (unfiltered) wines – Gran Barquero and María del Valle.