Criaderas and Soleras

The essence and pinnacle of winemaking in southern Spain

Sweet and generoso wines as well as brandies and vinegars are made using the traditional criaderas and soleras system. Complex and demanding, it is the pinnacle of winemaking in southern Spain.

The wine butts are arranged in tiers and stacked on different levels. The lower one, at ground level, is the solera and contains the oldest wines. At Pérez Barquero, the oldest solera dates from 1905. The first criadera, sitting on the solera, is the next level, and so on.

Small amounts of wine are occasionally drawn from the solera to be bottled and sold. These amounts are replaced with an equal amount of wine from the first criadera. This process, called rocío (sprinkling), is repeated with the different criaderas and is meant to maintain and respect the consistency and quality of our wines.