A name: Pedro Ximénez

The grape variety of Montilla-Moriles

Fine, delicate and fresh, the Pedro Ximénez variety has great affinity with the terroir of Montilla-Moriles. Its grapes thrive in the heat and are rich in sugars, essential to produce dry fine wines that achieve 15% vol. without fortification and sweet wines of harmonious depth.

Although legend traces it to a soldier named Pedro Ximénez, who was said to have brought it five centuries ago from northern Europe, recent studies situate its origin in central and eastern Spain. After being planted and acclimatised in Madeira and the Canary Islands, the Pedro Ximénez variety returned triumphantly to Andalusia, where it thrives on the hills of Montilla-Moriles.

Pedro Ximénez vines share some space with the so-called vidueños —varieties such as Airén, Torrontés, Moscatel and Baladí-Verdejo— that are used in some blends.