In the article “Spain: Jerez and Montilla in 2016”, only one wine gets the perfect score: the Amontillado 1905 Solera Fundacional from Pérez Barquero, that, with Robert Parker’s 100-points places this winery in the world of wine summit.

The 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional is a unique wine, of a very limited production, and “extremely old”, which allows drinking the time in a sip.

According to ‘The Wine Advocate’ –the most important and influent wine publication in the world- “Pérez Barquero is one of the greatest and most consistent wineries in the whole of Andalucía and they deserve much greater recognition for their great wines. This traditional house produces superb wines that usually represent very good value too”.

During his recent visit to some of our vineyards in “Moriles Alto” and the “Sierra de Montilla” and of the bodegas and soleras of Pérez Barquero and Gracia Hermanos, Luis Gutiérrez – the wine expert covering Spain, Chile, Argentina and Jura for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate – could see the plenty of old and good wine in the casks of our Group of wineries; and he tasted our variety and quantity of high quality wines, among all the classic styles of Andalusia – extreme-aging finos, textbook amontillados, pure canonic olorosos and sweet pedro ximenez – as well as young white wines.

Luis Gutiérrez considers his visit to Pérez Barquero Group “very pertinent and just in time, as they are releasing their limited production, Solera Fundacional, some ten years after the first bottling”.

There is also a new bottling of four old wines, a new range called Solera del Cincuentenario with the brand 1955, 50 years after the winery was created

Other new bottlings of the Group of cellars are the releases, this Spring 2016, of “Gran Barquero en Rama, a extreme-aging Fino” with the tasting notes of “a textbook old Fino”; and, from Gracia Hermanos, the “new Solera Fina María del Valle en Rama, an unfiltered old Fino that” – says Luis Gutiérrez.

Twenty wines from Pérez Barquero Group are highly scored in the tasting of Sherry and Montilla that Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has just published, where “Perez Barquero represents the quality summit of Montilla-Moriles”. The following wines have been given more than 90 points:

  • SOLERAS FUNDACIONALES 1905, of Pérez Barquero:
    • Amontillado: 100 points
    • Pedro Ximénez: 99 points
    • Oloroso: 97 points
  • SOLERAS CINCUENTENARIO 1955 of Pérez Barquero:
    • Amontillado: 97 points
    • Palo Cortado: 95 points
    • Oloroso: 95 points
    • Pedro Ximénez: 94 points
  • FINOS EN RAMA, first releases – Spring 2016 :
    • Gran Barquero Fino en Rama: 92 points
    • Solera Fina María del Valle en Rama: 91 points
    • Amontillado Viejo Tauromaquia: 94 points
    • Oloroso Tauromaquia: 91 points
    • PX Dulce Viejo (Sweet Old PX): 90 points
  • Cía. Vinícola del Sur / Tomás García:
    • Amontillado Tomás García: 93 points
    • Oloroso Tomás García: 90 points
    • Pedro Ximénez Tomás García: 90 points